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Who We Are

Kerring for Kenya is an organization with a mission to help our Kenyan brothers and sisters.


Kerring For Kenya was founded as a means to continue the support of the Antioch Baptist Church of Karogoto in Kenya and other Antioch Baptist Churches in Kenya.   The Karogoto church was built in memory of Kerri Kiker, the daughter of Ben and Vicki Kiker of Ellijay, GA.  It is this church and other Antioch Ministries, which began in Zambia 1952 and Kenya 1983 through the mission work of Pastor David and Elwanda Fields, that Kerring for Kenya is providing support and funds.  Kerring for Kenya, Inc. is a current and valid 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in accordance with the standards and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Our Mission

We believe that helping our Kenyan brothers and sisters to be self supportive is the best way to be good biblical stewards of our resources.  We (K4K/Antioch Baptist) support and train willing Pastors to become financially stable whereby they can support their families and are afforded more time and opportunity to spread the Gospel of Christ.  The projects above are but a few initiatives that provide relief to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Some Locations of Antioch Baptist Churches